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Caring for plants is provided by a team of proven professionals:
- Agronomist Dimitar Dimitrov - from 2011 he deals with hydroponic growing greenhouse vegetables and producing seedlings. Growing tobacco as fluent in the technology of cultivation of tobacco seedlings to the sorting of dry tobacco classes. He has experience in grain production. He is an agronomist by training, he graduated in 2007 Thracian University. Working in agriculture since 2005 as a student-itern in ET "Veselin Todorov". In 2006 he has been in practice in the UK in a farm "Boyd Farming". He is the only agronomist in Bulgaria that working with NGS technology from Almeria Spain. It is familiar with the world's leading practices in seedlings productins. It specializes in Seedlings pad.
- Agronomist Ivan Matev - Master plant protection since 1999. Owner of "Ivan Matev 2009" LTD. The company is based in. Plodovitovo vegetable market, has extensive experience in horticulture and is in close contact with producers in the region and the country. The company employs highly skilled agronomists who are ready to meet the needs of farmers. The company offers fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, peat trays - polystyrene and silicone, high quality polyethylene for greenhouses of the Israeli company "Politiv" and supplies for agricultural production.
- Associate Professor Dr. Peter Chavdarov - Works at the Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, Sadovo city. He manages section "Plant protection". Priority in his work is the identification of phytopathogens causing vegetable crop diseases. Associate Professor Dr. Peter Chavdarov develops plant-protection schemes to protect vegetable crops from diseases, grown under greenhouse and field conditions. He is known to dozens of farmers who use his services as it provides them with obtaining high yields and quality.
- Associate Professor Dr. Nikolay Valchev - teacher of Polish and greenhouse vegetable production in Trakia Univercity-Stara Zagora. Area of research interests:
Technology for the production of seedlings and growing vegetables in the open and in greenhouses.
Biological agents to protect vegetable crops from diseases and pests.
Productive capabilities introduced new varieties of vegetable crops.
- Prof. Dr. Christo Bozukov - Office address: Markovo vilage in Plovdiv Institute of tobacco and tobacco products. Professional interests: plant protection, ecology, environmental protection, biological production of tobacco, production of tobacco seedlings in float system, utilization of organic residues from the production and processing of tobacco for energy and extraction of biologically active substances

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