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Production of vegetables

Boutique greenhouse Zagore is located on the territory of the Zagore village in Trakia plain, 10 km south of Stara Zagora city on the way to the Trakia highway.
Built in 2015 the high-tech greenhouse is with double polyethylene cover and its side walls are made of polycarbonate.
It is equipped with automatic thermal and shading screens which reduce heating costs during the Winter and protect the plants from overheating during the Summer.
The height of the greenhouse is up to 6 meters which, in combination with the automated windows, provides the plants with a good conditions for growing.
If necessary the plants operations are performed by electrical platform carts on which there are workers. The greenhouse has a heating power of 3 MW derived by both gas boiler and solid fuels boilers and air heaters.
The technology of ТfeedingУ the vegetables is a Spanish Patent - New growing system (NGS). This technology is even used by NASA!
Mix between hydro-, aero- and aqua-ponic, this system is applied very successfully for over 15 years in Spain and has several major advantages over ordinary hydroponics.
One of the biggest advantages of the NGS system is that the growing the plants needs less natural resources through recycling of the nutriton solution.
NGS has one more advantage - controlling the diseases and the pests is easier. This technology allows the plants to be placed in a plastic sleeve with several bottoms which allows the roots to grow in depth.
NGS technology is known worldwide for that the plants are grown with almost no substrate, which excludes the possibility of excessive saturation of micro and macro elements in the root area.
The only solid substrate that the root is standing in is in a basket with small dimensions inserted in the beginning of the sleeve, therefore the root is
better supplied with oxygen and in combination with a higher frequency of watering the plants achieve more intensive growing compared to the hydroponics.
The production of vegetables in the greenhouse is intended to meet the demand for quality production and is sold mainly on the domestic market. Our aim is to offer maximum quality at optimal cost.
We pride ourselves in the pink tomatoes we produce, which taste is the closest to the  Bulgarian traditional and worldwide appraised rural ТbabinУ (grandmotherХs) tomato picked in the garden.
In our production the residual nitrates are minimized due to NGS technology for growing vegetables.
Plants are fed according to specific recipes that are dosed by a computer with a software specially developed for the needs of the greenhouse.
This precise feeding unfolds the natural potential of the vegetables grown by us so that they grow up healthy and vital accumulating larger amounts of vitamins and lycopene which are so important for the human health.
Our goal is to lead a biological fight to protect the plants by using minimal quantity of chemicals :
- we use biological preparations
- algae extract to fight fungal diseases
- bioagents (predatory insects) to fight whiteflies and tomato moths
- sticky yellow and blue catchers to fight the pests

NGS Video 1
NGS Video 1
Pink tomatoes 2016
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