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  Licensed greenhouse for producing all types of professional seedlings:
– tomatoes,
- cucumbers,
- peppers,
- cabbage,
- eggplant,
- zucchini,
- lettuces,
- melons,
- watermelons,
- melissa,
- High-tech production allows us to achieve a quality end product at an affordable price!
- Utilized technology and detailed knowledge of the manufacturing process is our base to achieve high end results both in the greenhouse and outdoor cultivation!
- Expert assistance and support from our specialists in the production of the final product, providing the technology of growing, knowhow recipes and used preparations!

Production of vegetables
- High-tech manufacturing give us a opportunity to produce goods with excellent taste and nutritional quality at a reasonable price:
- Pink tomatoes, which taste is the closest to the Bulgarian rural "babin" (grandmothers™) tomato picked from the garden.
- Cucumbers with solid, even color, high density, durability, excellent taste.
- Lettuce, more frequent recirculation of nutrient solution in the NGS technology allows more intensive cultivation, up to 10 cycles per year with more than 300,000 pieces per hectare per year with possibility to produce highest quality production of up to 3,000,000 pieces per hectare per year with 95% commercial yield.
Strict control of production!
We have manufacturing and logistics base with sufficient area. We store products under optimal conditions in refrigerators. We provide specialized transportation with automatic cooling box!

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